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Mitsuko's Painting

Mitsuko Miyakawa's painting begins and ends with a poignant autobiographical sense of subject matter that is compellingly intimate. Experiences that may have just happened or have occurred years ago are rendered with fresh feeling and thought.

Her style ranges from expressionist brushwork to renditions of quiet areas of color. Her special poetry and humor are revealed by the juxtaposition of images out of context in the manner of surrealists such as Chagall. Magritte, or Dali.

Always there is exhibited her extraordinary color sensibility and seemingly inexhaustible inventiveness of personal iconography. She manages to make the work convincingly her own.

- Charles B. Hinman,Artist, painter New York, New York, USA


Chapa's Artwork

It is not very easy to decide what to make of Chapa's artwork at glance. It looks like you are entering a room where genius child had spent some time: painting,sculpture,drawing,collage - you name it! You walk through this visual feast with a sense of awe, and the more you stare at it, the more you appreciate her playful intelligence behind it. It is a fun to find sometimes her intelligence and naiveness at the same time.

Like a magician, she turns everything that touches her hands into a game of colors and shapes. And - what is the most amazing - that transformation has the power to elevate your lift your soul, to entertain your eyes, - in other words - she does everything that good art is famous for .

- Leonid Lerman, Artist, Sculptor New York.NY USA




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